Perlina jewelry is designed for women of all ages. We use honest gemstones, freshwater pearls, abalone and other materials sourced from mother nature. These designs easily transition from day to night and can be layered in countless ways.




Jeanna Bracchitta

Jeanna Bracchitta is a 20-something jewelry designer based in sunny Santa Barbara, California. She was raised by an outdoorsy family in Greenwich, CT and her passion for nature inspired her to work with natural materials. As a true pisces she is ruled by the ocean. She is often at the beach, swimming and searching for sea glass and abalone. Jeanna has always loved making jewelry but found her calling when she started to focus on semi-precious jewels and pure fresh water pearls. She hopes some day to be able to travel the world to find unique oceanic treasures to include in her jewelry. She loves making women feel beautiful and deepening their connections to the natural world through her work.